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New items available for trading

Hello traders and merchants out there! Since it is Peret (The growing season), your local market will have more items to trade. Some new arrivals include cedar and oils from Syro-Palestine.

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New seeds available at the market!

Peret is here! It’s the growing season, once again! So, new seeds are at the market now. Such as: wheat, barley, vegetables (especially tomatoes!) , figs, melons, pomegranates, vines and flax. So head on down to your local market and start growing your food!

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Jewellery makers needed!

Are you creative and are you good at making jewellery? If so, you can make a lot of money and profit. If you want to buy a market stall or an actual shop, please contact a market official.

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Merchants needed for the new trading route to Nubia.

We are currently trying¬†exporting over 2 tonnes of tools and equipment. But we don’t have enough merchants to sell the less important items such as: beer, beads, linen and oil. Please inform a trading official about a trading licence.

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