Scribes needed!

The Pharaoh has requested us officials to send out an advertisement about scribes. Us officials have a saying: “If you can read and write, you can apply to become a scribe.” So, if you can’t read and write, you can learn. The Pharaoh urges his people to apply and help his country.

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Jewellery makers needed!

Are you creative and are you good at making jewellery? If so, you can make a lot of money and profit. If you want to buy a market stall or an actual shop, please contact a market official.

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Blacksmith occupations are now open

Are you in need of a job? Can you make and moldĀ items out of metal? Then you can apply for a blacksmith job at the new pyramid construction.

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Stonemasons needed!

Stonemasons needed to make statues for the pharoah’s new temple! Carving experience needed to apply. Please talk to a building official about applying. Tools are required.

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