Fishing Competition Winner

And the winnner is… Bes of Beni Hasan, of Lower Egypt!┬áNot only will he get the trophy for biggest fish but will be awarded a free banquet of fish dedacated to him for winning. Well done Bes, well done.

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Fishing Competition Tomorrow

Fishing is a very competitive sport. There is a competition starting tomorrow, whoever can catch the biggest fish will be announced the winner and get a special prize which will be revealed on the day. The competition will be held at the Nile river tomorrow.

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Fishing has never been so fun. Attach a sharp bronze hook to a length of string, put some meat on the hook and throw the string into the nile. Wait for a fish to bite and then pull the string up. You can also use nets and spears. Nets are easier to use but with practice spears are great too.

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