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The calendar

Pharoah has created the 365 day year and will start it during the start of the next flood season.

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We have invented beer and as a celebration, The Pharaoh has declared that all marketplaces must give a half price sale on beer.

Warning: Do not drink to0 much as you will get drunk. Officials are detaining all the drunk.

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Pi has been discovered recently and will contribute to the research of circles. Pharoah is very excited with this new discovery.

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Grass is the new fad. It grows quickly and is very efficient for cattle to graze on . You can buy grass seeds at your local market, in the gardening stalls.

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Fishing has never been so fun. Attach a sharp bronze hook to a length of string, put some meat on the hook and throw the string into the nile. Wait for a fish to bite and then pull the string up. You can also use nets and spears. Nets are easier to use but with practice spears are great too.

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The home

Looking after your home is considered a chore that no one does but slaves. You should try to keep your house clean with items like:

  • Door mats so you won’t get dirty footprints on your floor
  • Bowls to keep food off the floor
  • Mats so you can shake off the mess
  • Try to make your own.

Door mats and mats can be woven. Bowls can be carved.

You can also buy them at your local market (prices can vary)

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Trading market open

New trading market has been built on the shore of the Nile. Please visit tomorrow so you can see the opening ceremony. Many goods available. Space still left for shops.

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