H.G. Wells’ The Time Traveller Synopsis and Review

Classic Novels

The story starts with a group of men in a meeting, waiting for their host to arrive who claims to have a machine that can travel through time. He presents to them a miniature working model time machine that disappears. The next week, the men are waiting for him again as he returns looking exhausted and fatigued. He begins to tell his story of the future.

It all starts in his workshop, when he has finished the construction of his time machine. He pulls the levers which cause the time machine to accelerate through time, seeing all of humanity’s achievements and changes throughout the passing centuries. As he continues to go faster he stops at 802,701 AD where the remnants of human civilization are small, stocky humanoids named the ‘Eloi’ who live peacefully and careless to past advances. When the time traveller returns to his machine, he finds it gone…

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